Putting a stop to your business’s auto insurance claims

Is your business having auto claim after auto claim? Maybe it’s only a couple times a year but what if you’re having auto insurance claims month after month. It’s crazy right? Every time you turn around, one of your drivers is having an accident. What in the world can you do about it? Here are two things you can do to get started.

Evaluate your CAB report and Driver Violations

Most insurance companies and business use a claims history to tell the story of auto claims. Sometimes there are things, causes, or issues that do not rise to the level of an insurance claim. For example, there’s a report called a CAB Report. If you have any large trucks, you should know what a CAB Report is, but maybe you have never looked at it. Maybe you know there are a few DOT requirements, maybe you have an MC number, but you have never actually gone and studied the driver violations?

I‘ve looked at tons of CAB reports over the years. I found drivers that are texting while driving, drivers with faulty or failure to use turn signals, drivers that don’t have medical cards and are not cleared to drive the trucks that they’re driving. In fact, sometimes I’ll discover that people are driving trucks that require a CDL license, and they don’t have a CDL license.

Then people wonder, “Why in the world am I having these insurance claims?” Well, the answer is simple. It’s because your company is hiring drivers that are prone to violations, putting your company at risk and putting you between a rock and a hard place.

Establish MVR Standards

Did you know that having company MVR standards is a critical component to keeping your DOT violations and your auto claims down? Having your vehicles out of service is a real problem and a real revenue killer. So, why are you hiring drivers with a bad vehicle record? Next time you offer somebody a job, make sure that you give them a conditional offer based upon their Motor Vehicle Record meeting your company standards. AND that your MVR standards align with, or are more stringent than, the standards of your insurance company.

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