One of the most difficult, if not the most difficult challenge facing businesses in 2021 will be competing for and retaining/hiring quality employees. As business owners, this is a challenge that is consistent across all industries and segments of the marketplace. Employees are more resourceful than ever, and with job review websites like Glassdoor, employers must continually enhance the employment experience to ensure their place in the market.

Businesses now must compete for new clients and employees. One of the best retention tools for businesses is a robust employee benefits plan. When most people think of employee benefits they think of insurance plans. Dental, Vision, Disability, and Major Medical are a few examples of what we typically think of when it comes to insurance for employees.

There are other types of employee benefits that do not involve insurance. Many employers are now offering paid family medical leave, extended maternal and paternal leave, paid time off as well as paid time off when volunteering in the community.

Because this is so important, we have prepared a free guide to help you navigate the always-changing world of employee benefits. The guide is based on 2019 survey results was compiled in Q1 of 2020. Once the update releases in 2021, we will update this post to include the most up to date information.

Inside you will find information on what other employers are doing to attract and keep talent. We break down by location and industry how employers compensate their employees outside of the wages earned through their job.

The guide is free! We want every employer who reads this to take advantage of the information included. We believe understanding where the marketplace is will allow employers of all sizes to become as competitive as possible.

To download the free guide, please complete the form below, and we will e-mail it directly to you.

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